Apple of My Eyes

Apple picking has become one of my favorite fall activities. Being that my family and I live in Southern California, apple picking isn’t the most common or easiest thing to do compared to visiting a nearby pumpkin patch. But less than two hours away near the base of Big Bear Mountain in Oak Glen are apple groves by the drove. What we’ve discovered is a scene that is beautiful and foreign. Because here, the leaves do change color in that golden hue and one could feel the biting autumn wind when the sun disappears behind the clouds.

Our favorite of all the orchards are Los Rios Rancho. It truly is the apple of my eyes as it sits next to a nature preserve, Wildland Conservancy along the path of the orchard. The half mile walk is lovely and easy with kids. There is a scenic pond and mini (need to stress how small) Sequoia trail, where we spotted a blue jay to my kids’ delight.

As for the apples- absolutely delicious! I wish we picked more because they went faster than we anticipated, and we have not been able to find anything remotely close to that bursting flavor in the stores. Golden Delicious was our new favorite this year. It’s always good to try something different.

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