Checkered Flooring

The contrasting geometry of a checkered board is nothing less than bold. And to have it come to life in full scale is almost fantastical like stepping into the scene of Alice in Wonderland. As I step onto my own painted checkered patio floor, I am reminded that this was a long process of deliberation for someone who is a designer. Maybe it was because I am a designer and my mind whirled down the rabbit hole of Pinterest images I’ve been collecting over the years, or all the Medieval paintings I studied as an art history major in college; Or really just the practical considerations of a busy mom and homeowner on cost, time, and ease.

There are so many incredible options from the likes of Emily Henderson’s home to Nate Burkus’ former Los Angeles oasis. I was in love with intricate tile options but started to settle on paint as our final medium. My practical side really won out on this one. Complex patterns via stencils was considered too, but I already had natural scoring of diamonds on the concrete patio floor. It was a clean and elegant pattern (and easier to paint or so I thought…).

Emily Henderson’s Los Angeles Home, Photo by Tess Neustadt in House Beautiful
Patio of my dreams where ever this may be. Photo on Pinterest

Sprucing up our patio was the perfect project as it was getting more frequent use during our Covid homestays. Stewing for 2 years in the back burner of my mind, the new patio floor came to realization in 2 weeks for our family. My husband finally power washed the ground, moved the giant planter pots, and we all went to work. I selected paint colors by Benjamin Moore that were softer than true black (Deep Caviar) and a warm white (Pale Oak). My children helped paint and cheered me on when I was reworking the painter’s tape late at night. (I basically ended up painting this thing twice after realizing that the concrete scoring designating the diamond shapes should be filled in rather than left alone).

Ultimately, the painted floor transformed the look of my patio. It feels fun and elegant, layered and crisp all at once. I adore spending time here whenever possible. It lends to more al fresco dining and small family celebrations of life that didn’t just stop. Inner battle for restraint and budgeting with a bit of elbow grease really won out. Check mate friends.

Who else is obsessed with Queen’s Gambit on Netflix? Now this is eye candy for fashion and design lovers, good story telling and strong female leads!

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