JSL Design A/V and Automation

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JSL Design A/V and Automation provides custom audio, video, and home automation products and integration services.  Today’s smart homes require a comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of audio, video, automation and networking products.  Traditional A/V solutions focus solely on audio and video products and often neglect how they will fit into the bigger picture of a smart home.  At JSL Design, we focus on smarter A/V solutions that are simple to control allowing them to enhance your lifestyle at home without complication.

Our approach to home automation is to focus on your needs and how we can make the technology in your home work for you.  While we have a deep passion for the newest and greatest A/V and automation technologies, or primary focus is always to provide you with usable and reliable solutions.   Call or email us today for a free consultation for audio, video, and automation solutions.

(424) 236-6066



JSL Design only uses authorized products and is an authorized dealer for a broad range of products including:Brand Collage 2  Q-motion1

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