noun \pas-ˈtēsh, päs-\a : a musical, literary, or artistic composition made up of selections from different works : potpourri          -Merriam-Webster

Julie Sun Lee {jsl} is an interior designer and full time mom. She has a B.A in Art History from Occidental College and studied abroad in Parma, Italy, an experience that cultivated her love for all things Italian. She worked in museums in the Los Angeles area including the Hammer Museum prior to becoming an interior designer. Having worked with wide range of clients from Southern California and Las Vegas, Julie has extensive knowledge in hospitality design and creating sophisticated environments for high-end residences.


Something from Me
I am many things. I am a wife and mom, designer, traveller, photographer and dreamer. My world is comprised of many things and I can’t help being inspired by my surroundings. Whether it be happenstance or sought after, I am taken by an array of visual moments that are unique and beautiful, big or small, modern or vintage. I still enjoy designing spaces and beautiful objects that go in them. I love stories and pictures; I am captivated by the story behind a picture and a picture that’s worth a thousand words. This site is a way for me to collect and display those memorable visuals that I come across in life, a design pastiche if you will.

  1. Julie, the site looks great & I love all of the ideas you are throwing our way! I swear I have zero design eye so it’s great seeing your design aesthetic through these posts & images.

  2. beau·ti·ful/ˈbyo͞otəfəl/
    Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
    Of a very high standard; excellent.


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