Good Night Moon Birthday Party

There are so many amazing children’s birthday themes and decors out there. One that I especially love is a classic book theme. It provides a concrete theme and offer opportunities to be creative and personal.  We all have a book that your child asks you to read time after time, and they listen with sheer joy EVERY time. The book’s edges are worn and you know it’s been loved. For my daughter, it’s Good Night Moon. Good Night Moon Birthday Party

Anthropologie Bunny (Discontinued but plenty of other adorable critters on site), Ikea Toy House and Mouse,  Moleskine Sketchbook for guests to add their balloon finger prints.



SusieCakes Red Velvet, Vanilla Celebration Cake, and Luscious Lemon Cake. Tassels and cake toppers were handmade by jsl.


And the red balloon…

A bowl full of “mush”mellows and more…

Color dipped marshmallows were hand made to create marshmallow pops and party favors. Annie’s bunny crackers were a must.

Bubblemania and Company. The kids could not get enough of the bubbles.

My daughter is wearing a traditional korean outfit to celebrate her 1st birthday.

I love throwing birthday parties for my kids. Of course in the thick of cutting and pasting and blowing up balloons, I always wonder why I took on the task of what can be a simple matter into a kid party palooza. Call it a creative outlet when there is a lull between interior design projects.

Photo Credit Dez and Tam Photography

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