Growing with Kids – Easy Peasy with TJ and Foodmap Container

 I’ve been trying to grow with my kids the past few years. And I mean that in every sense of the word “grow”- taking ski lessons with my son, brushing up on piano- so that I can learn as they learn. One particular interest has been growing things that we can actually plant, pick and enjoy. There is something to be said about watching kids anticipate the first sprout, tending to the plant and taking a bite of what they grew… and really liking it!


Rainbow chard, carrot and snap pea from my son’s school garden. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the colors were.

 An easy solution to replenishing our garden after the last harvest was utilizing potted herbs from our neighborhood Trader Joe’s. Herbs are hearty and always in season. I had been eyeing this elevated food grade plastic container from Foodmap, and finally purchased one. Wish I had done it sooner because as you can see, it’s modern and ergonomic.

 Kids love running out to the patio and pulling some thyme and rosemary from the planter. We also added some lavender for color. Parsley is still doing well. I found that mint and basil get devoured by caterpillars, so I stopped trying to replant them. We still plant from scratch but doesn’t mean we overlook the potted garden from our go-to store for all things pre-made.  All in all, easy peasy! Prepping Foodmap container to be filled with herbs from Trader Joe's Easy planting with items from Trader Joe's Herbs and Lavendar from Trader Joe's Foodmap container filled with herbs from Trader Joe's Foodmap container filled with herbs from Trader Joe's

  1. I’ve wanted to plant an herb garden forever! I’m looking forward to doing this with my kids as well! Thank you!

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