Tea Time in Milan

Photo Credit to Matteo Barro

I had the pleasure of rediscovering Milan a few years ago. It was such a departure from my first visit as a college student. There was definitely more shopping involved in this fashionable city second time around. I visited  la Rinascente  {in Piazza Duomo} which boasted luxury brands in every corner, topped with a 7th floor dedicated to impressive collection of restaurants {one of which is the delectable mozzarella bar Obika} and isles of delicatessen.

Starting today February 22 until early April, la Rinascente is hosting Tea Time a la Rinascente  as noted in Elle Decor Italia. It will feature exotics to the traditional, all celebrating the art and ritual of tea. I recall the energy of that space, and I’m sure it won’t be your usual cup of tea even if you are having the traditional English Tea at 4pm.

English Translation of Elle Decor Italia Article by Google Translate

Tea Time Rinascente was born to tell the world by tasting tea. The project was designed by Tea Stylist Francesca Natali and from February 22 transforms the food hall of the store in Piazza Duomo in an exclusive tea lounge. From Monday to Friday from 16 to 18 on the seventh floor of the department store you can taste the best mixes and live the most fascinating and celebrated tea rituals. All accompanied by an ad hoc menus sweet and salty, which invites you to discover refined flavor combinations and unusual delicacies. An expert explains the characteristics of tea tasting. Well-so you can enjoy tea Steak in Moroccan style with the unmistakable aroma of mint sweets of the Arab tradition, the bar gives life to the Chinese tea ritual gestures made with delicate, precise, and YN Winery is dedicated to the renowned tea Pu-Erh tea, Chinese tea of longevity, “aging” as a vintage wine and sipping cold cuts and cheeses. The English Tea, the traditional afternoon tea, is served with the typical sandwich Maio Restaurant, the Japanese tea service will be on stage at My Sushi with the ceremonial of the “froth of Jade” and the Tea of the Mediterranean tradition of turning out deliciousObika Mozzarella Bar is no lack of proposals for health-conscious that the Juice Bar can cool off with a tasty healthy teaabbinato to oatcakes, while the children are greeted by De Santis with an infusion to their size and contour of muffins. A project strongly backed by Massimo Furlan, Food & Beverage Director, conceived and created with the expert advice and Tea Stylist Francesca Natali, who has been studying the ancient drink to make it known in its versatile features and recast it as a contemporary.

Info: The Art of Tea in the world. La Rinascente, Milan from February 22 until early April, from Monday to Friday, 16-18 – http://www.rinascente.it
Well-Steak. The Moroccan-style tea
De Santis. Tea for children
The Bar. The ritual of tea in China
Juice Bar. Healthy Tea
Maio Restaurant. The afternoon tea
My Sushi. The tea made in Japan
Obika Mozzarella Bar. Mediterranean style tea time
YN Winery. Pu Erh tea of longevity

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