Judging a Book by Its Cover

i heart books

Jane Austin Collection

Cook's Books Cover

I heart Salinger

European Classics Etching

Books resonate something special in us. I still have most of my used books from college. It could be that they are beautiful art history books and look great on my coffee table. But I even love the old paper backs with red and yellow “USED” stickers on them. in my defense, they are Classics.

Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books redefines classic when he creates wonderful custom libraries and collections for his clients. He is called on by interior designers, architects and private collectors not only as the purveyor of fine books but for his custom design book covers that perfectly grace a well designed room. The fabulous  Icon Brickwell high-rise residence building in Miami, designed by Yoo and inspired by Philippe Stark houses 1500 snow white covered books in it’s spa. A definite show piece irregardless of content {I believe they are mass market hardcovers like Danielle Steel}.

This month, Juniper Books is celebrating Valentine’s with these sweet renditions.

  1. Love these! I’ve always said that when I am old and kids are all grown, I want to work in a book store(hopefully they’re still around)..I love the smell of the ink on the pages.

  2. Wow, jsl! when’d you have time to do this? i’m working on a website myself and it takes a million years x 2 to get something like this up and running. I admire your passion, your artistic endeavor, and such fervor for life and its beauty. It’s amazing what you’ve done here. Please share more of your creativity in abundance~

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