Juxtapositions No.1 Artisan Typeface vs Printer {in 3D}

Aria from Fountain Type on Vimeo.

Over the weekend, I stumbled across this beautiful video of Creating a Typeface {on Jessica Comingore’s ever so creative blog} designed by Rui Abreu. The video itself took my breath away, and the artistry of the typeface was stunning.

Upon sharing it with my husband,  he said, “Oh a 3D printer can do that so much faster.” I couldn’t even picture what a 3D printer would print when he went on. Let me contextualize  this-  I still love paper books, where as he has a kindle & kindle fire. I was a skeptic when he described this printer of the future.

So we went to youtube. And what I saw indeed impressed me. I can’t say that I was moved  or inspired in the same manner, but certainly amazed at the possibilities of now.

    1. Thanks for visiting. It’s been about a week since I started designpastiche blog. Haven’t made it too public yet, so glad you found it. Goal is to post every day with pertinent content, so visit often.

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